TRACKSPARCO expanded its activities in the construction field, especially with the restoration of the new Lebanon, post war. It added to its business line the leading GOMACO concrete pavers. A good number of Lebanese contractors operate these high tech & multifunction machines, adding fast solutions to their project. Huge concrete barriers, channels and runways have been paved in Lebanon including the Beirut International Airport.

GOMACO Corporation was established in 1965 and manufactures curb and gutter machines, concrete slipform pavers, placer/spreaders, trimmer/placers, cylinder finishers, canal machinery and accessories ideal for any concrete construction project. The headquarters is based in Ida Grove, Iowa, USA, and two International offices are situated in the UK and Singapore.

Today, GOMACO's "smart machines" are equipped with onboard computers that can be programmed to control each transition, elevation and steering of the machine while constantly monitoring the hydraulic and electronic systems for malfunctions. GOMACO is committed to continue seeking design solutions as future technology evolves to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

TRACKSPARCO is the only company in Lebanon to provide such equipment successfully, including AfterSales Support with the close and continuous cooperation of the GOMACO Corporation. We are committed to continue providing and servicing the leading manufacturer of paving equipment for the construction industry. Click on the links for indepth information about GOMACO products.


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